Monday, June 10, 2013

May as well drop this, over here! You may have already seen the inked version, but I went in and added enough pink-purple to last you a few years - you’re welcome. I have Harlowe entered in an OC pageant competition on deviantArt and wanted to introduce her enormous crew of supporters, haha. Thank God for spectator entries.

(As always, Logan and Eleanor are Sam's, and Campbell is Kayzig's! I'm just borrowing characters left and right.)


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    i could get on board with that. so much easier to match outfits in the morning
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    I think that we should! It could be all pink, all purple, all the time, nothing would hurt (except our eyes,...
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    I could live in this pink-purple world…
  4. savagelucy42 said: You know you are gonna make me feel almost obligated to fill my time between now and the first deadline with comic.