Friday, May 10, 2013

Okay guys.. I’ve never done this before. Please bear with me.

This is our family dog, Arnold! As you can probably tell, he is a pit-mix. While he has had a few health issues over the past few years, we have struggled through it with him - from tumors, to hernias, to arthritis, and then some - but today things really went from bad to worse. Arnie is suffering from paralysis of the larynx, and it’s going to require some emergency surgery, the price-tag of which is between $5,000 and $6,000.

We don’t have that kind of money… but I’m willing to work for it. I love this dog. He doesn’t even live with me, but let me reiterate, I love this dog. Our whole family LOVES this dog. He’s on the older side - or, well, WE THINK, due to the fact he was adopted out of a rescue program, we aren’t 100% sure how old he is, although those cataracts of his are tellin’ a tale - but he has a few good years left in him, and I’m not going to give them up without a fight.

We have to make the decision by TOMORROW, May 11th, if we are going to be able to pay for this. Apparently a payment plan is negotiable, but this is still a LOT of money as far as our family funds go. We are riddled with health issues on the human side of things, too, so our usual buffer for pet bills just isn’t gonna cut a few thousand bucks.

I have set up a little crowd-funding thing here, as the elegantly titled Save Arnie-Ru! There are more specifics to read about if you want to click it and check it out. If you show me a screen-cap of your receipt page, you can e-mail it to me, message me, whatever you prefer, I will draw you somethin’. It’s just that easy. Donate a buck? GET A SKETCH. Donate more? I mean, hey, it’s negotiable. I’ll see what I can do! And I will do my best. I will take requests! Let me know when you send me your receipt if you had something in mind and I’ll try to be flexible.

[ ETA: The wonderful and super-skilled gunkiss and asieybarbie are also offering sketches for donators! Send me the receipt and your request, and I will pass along whatever you send to me, to them, as well. Their art is jaw-droppingly beautiful, so I both thank of them and encourage you to not miss out on an opportunity to scoop up some genuine ART.

Also, if you can send your receipt to the amazing kilomonster - another STELLAR artist here on the tumbles, she will do up a digital sketch! You can find more info on that, here! ]

I am also putting up a DONATION BUTTON on the front of my blog, which I have never done, before. If you want to send me a note through that saying what you would like, I can e-mail you the picture through whatever is listed on your PayPal.

I think that’s about it, although I am sure I am forgetting something. I feel pretty scrambled. This is a tough thing to do, in very little time - especially when you haven’t had to do it, before! REBLOGS ARE VERY APPRECIATED, thank you so much in advance for your consideration!


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