Monday, February 25, 2013

Grindin’ my teeth.

An artist I really like put up a poll on dA asking what guys think about women with bodyhair, and some of the responses. Some of the responses.

Most guys (and me) don’t think girls with hair any other place than on top of the head is very attractive.


I say that it doesn’t matter so long as it isn’t too long.if its like a bit of fuzz, sure. If the hairs are longer, thenit doesn’t look nice. It makes the arms and legs look less smooth…


Here’s a male opinion, hairy legs on women just don’t look nice
But the arms are no problem, in fact, I don’t like it when they shave the arm hairs! It just shows me how superficial they are. There’s nothing wrong with the arms girls! I love slim glossy bodies as much as the next guy, but never heard ANY of my male friends say anything about arms or hands. Just keep it there, it’s no big deal. If there’s a man who tells you to shave because he doesn’t like then tell him to suck it cos he obviously only came for your looks.  Of course it’s ugly when on the face or chest because that just isn’t a lady thing

The. Damn.

It depends really, but mostly girls should shave their legs. It’s not just about beauty I think it’s just not for girls.


Hm, I wouldn’t know but every woman I have seen has shaved legs. It’s mostly about looks, girls have been doing it for centuries I think. So by now it’s something that has definitely sunk in society views.

Hahahahahahahahahaha bite me.



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    Take a look at the hobbit artbook, female dwarves actually do have beards.
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    If a guy asks you to shave your arms, he’s just a dickhead who’s with you for your looks! I’m a NICE GUY, ladies! I...
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    An early version of one of my characters (one or two of my followers may be able to guess who) was actually a girl with...
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    i mentioned off-hand to my mom that if i do another art show, i’d wanna do a series of illustrations of women with...
  6. buttart said: i would rub my hairy legs over every single one of their faces and then fart on them
  7. deepredroom said: I’ve just noticed that the 2 people complaining about hair are furries. That’s hilarious.
  8. soozarts said: "girls have been doing it for centuries I think." —SOMEONE WHO DOESN’T KNOW SHIT ABOUT COSMETIC HISTORY orz
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    I mean, I prefer hairless legs and pits on women (I’ll admit I shave my own arm pits every now and then), but I’m not...
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  12. lamesor said: or at least, I’m going to continue thinking that. Since that’s what I’ve been telling myself for the past few years (because DA is pretty awful).
  13. break-downthewalls said: I have a lot of body hair “for a woman” and this makes me die a little bit inside. HOWEVER none of my partners have ever had a problem with it, and I’ve only really gotten hate from other girls so I guess it just depends who you associate with? >.<
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    If your beard isn’t longer than mine, we’re good
  15. jamfisher said: reminds me of a conversation i had with a classmate who saw i had leg hair and started telling me how girls should only have hair on their heads MAN i really felt like taking off my shirt and showing him my pits (rl friends dunno i’m not a girl booo)
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    oh my fucking god
  17. mistahgrundy said: well now I just want to draw all the body hair. I like how these are actually pretty par for the course opinions too (and by like I mean aaaghaghaghghghhghhuuaghgh DEAD)
  18. thestarsandthepolkadots said: OKAAAAY. o_O
  19. navajomoose said: I think girls should have body hair, and also not have body hair, otherwise they are Fake Nerds
  20. covenmouse said: Oh god, DA is such a cesspool sometimes.
  21. curlyhorns said: What a great way to start the day. >:/
  22. heysawbones said: YA GOT WHAT’CHA PAID FOR
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