Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So, in addition to the cocktail dresses…

…it is actually looking like it may be a good idea to bring some superhero-themed prints to our first convention this year. This does, of course, mean I need to come up with an actual theme and not violate any copyrights. God, I hope I come up with something. I have until April to get these all rolling, which feels a lot further away than it actually is.

By the way, you guys, I’m really sorry for all the text posts and personal drabble lately. I am going through some very stressful (but good!) changes right now, and in lieu of boring the same people in my tiny (read: very tiny) social circle, sometimes I like to vent on here! It is still more of a personal blog than an official art account, after all.

Would it be preferable if I had an art-only account for you to follow? I don’t know if the personal stuff that I post is enough to warrant a separate thing, but I’m willing to do it if it’s wanted! Thoughts?


  1. spacekayce answered: I don’t think it really warrants a separate blog. I like knowing what you’re up to! But if you wanna make two blogs, I’ll follow both.
  2. lazysmirk answered: No. Amy stop that.
  3. lunainvidia answered: I do not mind the personal things at all. I think it’s nice, actually!
  4. cinnamonsquid answered: If you made two seperate blogs, I’d follow both of them anyway.
  5. fatherlessshowdown answered: Personally, I have no problem with you posting your personal stuff! I think seperate art accounts can be unnecessary. But do what is best!
  6. kayzig answered: Likewise to the first comment - I’mma follow both, so it won’t affect me much if you get a second one! c:
  7. thewonderfullurkerofoz answered: I’d follow both if you did.
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