Wednesday, January 18, 2012

mellowroseflows said: Esteban 5,6,10 &13 [btw i love all of your characters ! they are so awesome ! actually as weird as this may sound your work and delya's work inspired me to actually study illustration at my school]

Aw shucks, thank you so much…! I’m really flattered you like my characters, and I think it’s AWESOME that you’re going to school for illustration (it doesn’t sound weird at all, although I am BOGGLED and humbled in the best way! Thank you. C:)! Let me see if I can answer these questions for you.

5.) Is Esteban lucky in love? Can you describe any of their past relationships?

Ahaha.. haa.. nnnoooo. He does have that “asshole scholar” aura that some girls seem to go for, and being a muse awards him some female attention, but most of the types that would pursue him on that basis end up feeling superficial to him, and most relationships he has ever entertained wind up a shallow, one-sided affair, as well. His record for “going steady” is about three months. Esteban typically and purposefully discourages any girl who shows interest in the first place.

6.) I know you’ve probably answered every favorite food question under the sun, but how about Esteban’s favorite DRINK, DESSERT and SNACK?

Drink is coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee. And believe it or not, he is not incredibly picky about the type, either. He takes it black, and never by ANY MEANS will accept decaf. Dessert is an almond cookie or any type of biscotti… double points if it’s an almond biscotti. Finally for snack, Esteban isn’t really prone to snacking, but if he had to pick something it would probably be tortilla chips or sunflower seeds.

10.) Is there anything you can talk about from Esteban’s childhood or younger years that was significant to their development?

This one is answered right here!

13.) This might seem an odd question, but are there any colors you affiliate with certain characters?

I think this answer is floating around somewhere, but for Esteban specifically it’s a warm gray. He is very monochromatic.


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