Wednesday, January 18, 2012

fatherlessshowdown said: 10 with Esteban, and 12 with Esteban and Mona, please!

Can do! (By the way, I have your sketch question half-finished at home! I should have it posted tonight. c:)

10.) Is there anything you can talk about from Esteban’s childhood or younger years that was significant to his development?

Man, this is a great character for this question! Esteban’s father was incredibly forceful and gruff, and very insistent that both of his sons hold up to his standards, which are quite oppositized from society’s view of success - being that he himself is a notion, he was always very anti-muse, and attempted to encourage his children towards hard labor. He never took very well to the fact that neither of his sons seemed to possess the proper disposition for it and, on top of that, one of them wound up becoming a muse. Esteban and Javier are both terrified of their dad, as well as loathe him religiously. On the other side of the spectrum, Esteban’s mother coddled him in an attempt to make up for the overbearing nature of her husband - which ALSO didn’t go over well with Esteban, who was someone that, even as a child, craved mental challenge and validation as a thinking individual. Preferring to bury himself in studies and intellectual pursuits in order to escape his parents, Esteban also never allowed himself time for socialization, never really made friends, and never acquired the types of communal skills necessary in order to easily make them. The end result seems to be a young man that resents everyone; men require macho facades in order to gain their respect, and women require a certain degree of indulgence that he has no patience for. He suspects even those that don’t fit the stereotype of their gender will need some kind of compromising of his core values that he isn’t willing to accommodate.

12.) Describe the relationship between Esteban and Mona? If it’s very spoiler-y, just tell what you can!

Aw… this one is tough, because it kind of is spoilery, but I will say that both of them are actually in the first issue and it will show some how-they-meet and why-they-will-interact kinda stuff! I guess the best way to keep it non-spoilery while still saying something is that Mona is cautiously optimistic about Esteban, and Esteban is optimistically cautious about Mona.


  1. synicalsel said: Esteban, you have all my feels :’C
  2. fatherlessshowdown said: You are a sweetheart dear, thank you! I adore Mona and Esteban, they just seem to act so wonderfully perfect together.
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