Wednesday, January 18, 2012

spacekayce said: These questions aren’t listed, I don’t think—but I’ve gotten so curious about your world that I will ask them anyway! If notions and muses can be born, can they also “die”, in any sense? Do they just continue ascending to higher planes? Do they grow old? And do the animals in this world represent any notion-like concepts as well? How do they fit into all this?

Aw, I LOVE new questions! Seriously, anything you want to ask whenever, feel free! c:

Notions and muses can indeed “die”, I can’t remember if I mentioned in an earlier answer or not, but they are kind of like an energy that goes through a cycle in the same way a human life does. The energy builds up and has a point where it’s running at its prime, and then slowly declines over time. Muses and notions are energies that are essentially being reborn over and over on the imagination plane in different forms until they finally decide to either ascend or descend (where they will also then be born and reborn until they are able to ascend, and on and on it goes!). Denizens of the mental/imagination plane do indeed appear to progress through different ages (baby to elder) as humans do, unless they suffer some kind of tragic accident or do something to use all their energy up in some other way.

As for animals, they do not represent any specific concepts or emotions, and are a more proper example of things that are just randomly populating the imagination - wandering thoughts. They still have individual personalities and do go through an energy cycle in the same way, but without specific representation. Hope that makes some sense!


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