Thursday, January 12, 2012
Man I love the “rules” you put behind all this! I’ve never seen anything like it. Are the characters self-aware of all this or is it all unspoken between them?

Shucks, thank you! c:

The characters are aware of whether or not they are a muse or notion, yes, kind of similarly to how we are aware of someone’s ethnicity - kind of. It’s the only close example I can think to equate it to. There are some people who aren’t exactly sure what kind of notion or muse they are since it can get pretty vague (take Mona, for example, who is the story’s best example of someone who doesn’t know exactly what she is good at or what kind of notion she is, since she seems to have no definitive skills or tendencies) but they do usually know which side of the divide they are on between the two.


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