Wednesday, January 11, 2012

deepredroom said: You want some questions??? Here's your DAMN questions! 1, 15, 18 and 27!

I did ask for it, didn’t I! D:

1.) Tell a bit about a main protagonist and a main antagonist? If your story doesn’t really have “good guys and bad guys”, tell about two characters with opposing viewpoints!

Hum! Well, I can tell you about Sam and Toby…! They’re both protagonists but have opposing viewpoints. Sam is of the mind-set that you must be diligent towards improving your skills, and that you will be rewarded for this by moving up in the world, with the ultimate goal being ascendency! If you make it to the next plane, you have achieved all that you could hope to do, and it won’t matter what your relationships with others are, since they cannot ultimately bring you any success - it is what he thinks helps someone reach their stage of content. Toby on the other hand is camped on the other side of the fence - happiness isn’t always about your successes. Sometimes it’s about knowing the right people, enjoying yourself, or even just having a really great sandwich. It doesn’t take a skill-set to be fulfilled, in his eyes - it just takes the right mindset and acceptance of one’s self.

15.) How long have you been working on this story?

I really started first thinking about it in September 2010, and it’s been developing since then. I have probably spent more time on it than it really needs to be drafted, but it never hurt to have a little polish, right? c:

18.) Are there any authors, artists, stories or other elements that have offered inspirations for this story?

Anything I do is always at least partially inspired by a quote of Alan Moore’s that, broken down for posterity, says a story should be enjoyable for people who simply want to jump in and read it at face-value, but still include content that can be researched and deepened for those who want something a little more! Some of my other inspirations for Muse Mentor are the visual styles of most Hayao Miyazaki films, the Our Lady Peace album “Gravity” (I don’t care if anyone thinks the album is a sell-out for OLP or anything else - settle down, hipsters), and really, my own experiences watching people transition from their late teens to mid-20’s. Becoming a grown-up.

27.) Does social hierarchy play a huge role, i.e. cliques, clubs, clans, or other specific groupings or separations of people?

You are very astute for asking this - it does indeed play a huge role! SORRY IN ADVANCE for text wall, oh my God. There are basically two MAIN types of people in the story, and it all trickles down from there. There are muses, and there are notions. Most people are notions, that is to say, a random impulse or feeling that anyone can experience. They run the gamut from jealousy (Ashley) to bad impulses (Ace) to self-motivation (Toby) - it’s almost limitless! However, for those who are muses, this means they are a specific TYPE of impulse that allows people to express themselves, often creatively! There are main types like art, writing, music and artisan, and then they can get broken down from there (drawing, painting, sculpture and photography are just a few of the sub-categories for an art muse, for example!). Just to give another specific example, Esteban is a writing muse, but specifically represents solitary dedication. He is what might make a writer choose to stay in and draft a few more chapters rather than hit the town. Muses are regarded as a much more desirable role in society than a notion, since they are the only ones who can (in a way) leave an actual tangible impression on the physical plane - if you help inspire a human to paint a picture, invent a special recipe or strum a ballad, it’s much more substantial than being the suspicious nature that makes them go through their husband’s phone to see if he has been texting his secretary. I could go on, but I think I will stuff it for another day, haha.

Thanks for the questions! c:


  1. deepredroom said: Man I love the “rules” you put behind all this! I’ve never seen anything like it. Are the characters self-aware of all this or is it all unspoken between them?
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